Frailsafe gaming involves assessing the cognitive capabilities of an older person in regular intervals. These assessments serve both as an absolute metric for the relative skills required (e.g. short-term memory, logic etc.), and as an early warning system in case of a rapid decline in scores. The Memory AR is an Augmented Reality (AR) Game that assesses the cognitive skills and short-term memory of the user. It is meant to be played with the AR Glasses.

The user will wear the AR glasses and will be seated while she/he explores his/her surrounding space. By moving his/her head, the person will discover several virtual objects (see figure) and will have to remember the order of discovery. When all objects have appeared, the user is asked to say the order of appearance of the objects, which is linked with the short-term memory skills.

While the aforementioned game mechanics are simple to understand, they enable personalized difficulty capabilities. By manipulating the game parameters (e.g. number of objects, color diversity, search space boundaries, allowed time), it is possible to create progressive difficulty for all levels of frailty, providing a larger assessment value range.

The game collects various data during a game session, including:

  • The direction the user is looking at all times while playing the game;
  • The order in which he discovered the items;
  • The various characteristics of the virtual objects’ configuration;
  • The user’s best guess of the order of discovery.

The data collected is stored by the game and transmitted to the Frailsafe Cloud Services, along with extracted aggregated metrics (e.g. related to the accuracy on tracking a moving object, the time to respond to appearing objects etc.) that potentially correlate to cognitive capabilities. All those data are then analyzed by the Frailsafe Offline Analysis module, which will extract alerts if needed and track progress.

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