• Discover our Dynamic Railway Game

    Railway is the last and most complex of the serious games developed by Brainstorm for the FrailSafe platform.

  • FrailSafe data visualization dashboard

    The FrailSafe project offers a data visualization dashboard, through which users of the FrailSafe system (older persons, family members, clinicians, frailty researchers) can view the collected data in the form of graphical charts, as well as the outcomes of the data analysis, such as system recommendations.

  • FrailSafe Smartvest

    FrailSafe partner Smartex has completed the development and production of the "Wearable WBAN - Wireless Body Area Network - System" (WWBS) designed to measure individuals’ medical parameters. The system is composed of a sensorised garment, an electronic device and a software tool for visualisation of streaming of data or downloading the recorded data from the electronic device to a PC (and then uploaded to a cloud service).

  • FrailSafe's Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF)

    The main objectives of FrailSafe is to better understand frailty and be able to recognize common patterns through data collection that would explain when a person tips from the non-frail to the frail category.

  • FrailSafe's Virtual Patient Model (VPM)

    One of FrailSafe objectives is to generate reliable advanced intervention services and determine the risk of triggering events that would make a person tip from the pre-frail category to the frail one.

  • Frailty detection from text analysis

    Within the FrailSafe project, researchers from the University of Patras have developed a frailty detection model that takes texts of older people into account.

  • Indoor Localization application

    The symptoms of frailty can be detected not only through the clinical measurements of physical or cognitive properties of an older person, but also through behavioral parameters.

  • Loss of Orientation application

    The Loss of Orientation is a potentially life-threatening and a common behavior seen among older people, specifically people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  • Personalized Recommendations phase

    The EU funded project FrailSafe, focused on a personalized approach towards frailty using innovative technologies and running for the last three years, has reached its evaluation phase.

  • Reflex game developed by FrailSafe

    Cognitive skills are an important aspect to be measured when it comes to frailty.

  • Serious games for frailty detection

    To successfully support the FrailSafe study, a series of serious games will be designed. The first FrailSafe game, the Virtual Supermarket game, was released last December and is used to detect Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) among our older volunteers.

  • Simon 2.0 for frailty prevention

    Brainstorm Multimedia designed a specific game to evaluate and stimulate the memory of people afflicted by the syndrome of frailty.

  • The Augmented Reality Games for Frailty Prevention

    CERTH designed a series of Augmented Reality games that require either a tablet, a dynamometer or Augmented Reality glasses.

  • The FrailSafe Smart Vest 2.0

    The Italian-based company, Smartex, is the partner who designs and creates the wearable sensor device WWBS (“Wearable WBAN system”) used by the clinicians in the FrailSafe study. It measures individual medical parameters related to heart, respiration and physical activity.

  • Using advanced informatics to turn the tables in frailty

    As a matter of fact, frailty is unavoidable. Each and every one of us will experience it at some point in later life, but its duration and the impact it will have can vary significantly.

  • Virtual Supermarket game

    Games with a purpose are invaluable tools to encourage the user participation in health monitoring applications. The usage of games for monitoring the physical and cognitive status of older persons is a core concept of the FrailSafe project.

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