• Discover our Dynamic Railway Game

    Railway is the last and most complex of the serious games developed by Brainstorm for the FrailSafe platform.

  • Reflex game developed by FrailSafe

    Cognitive skills are an important aspect to be measured when it comes to frailty.

  • Serious games for frailty detection

    To successfully support the FrailSafe study, a series of serious games will be designed. The first FrailSafe game, the Virtual Supermarket game, was released last December and is used to detect Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) among our older volunteers.

  • Simon 2.0 for frailty prevention

    Brainstorm Multimedia designed a specific game to evaluate and stimulate the memory of people afflicted by the syndrome of frailty.

  • Virtual Supermarket game

    Games with a purpose are invaluable tools to encourage the user participation in health monitoring applications. The usage of games for monitoring the physical and cognitive status of older persons is a core concept of the FrailSafe project.

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