• Welcome to the 1st issue of the FrailSafe biannual newsletter!

    Many health specialists often compare frailty to a popular game called Jenga. The aim is to pull out one block at a time from the tower until the structure is too fragile to remain standing. As we grow older, our body does not recover as quickly as before and each infection, fall or hospital admission can be represented by one missing block on the Jenga tower, weakening the whole structure until it eventually collapses. As each and every one of us age differently, with different genes and lifestyles, detecting the point of no return becomes extremely difficult.

  • Welcome to the 2nd issue of the FrailSafe biannual newsletter!

    The FrailSafe project has been going on for almost a year now.

  • Welcome to the 3rd issue of the FrailSafe biannual newsletter!

    Since the last newsletter, the Consortium partners have worked to set up a first version of the FrailSafe system and have developed a couple of games to support the FrailSafe study for the volunteers to play. The latest achievements are detailed in the present newsletter.

  • Welcome to the 4th issue of the FrailSafe biannual newsletter!

    2017 has not only been a year of fine-tuning the tools, devices and architectures developed in 2016, but also the time when new applications were created to complete the FrailSafe system.

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