Materia Group is a private sector social enterprise in Cyprus. It is a multi-shareholder organization, with 20 shareholders at the moment.  It provides a wide range of Care, Nursing and Rehabilitation Services to the Elderly Population of Cyprus, either at the clients’ homes or at Materia’s three facilities in Nicosia. It is considered the main private sector provider of holistic services to the elderly on the island.   Philosophy and Management and operations team is based on a multi-disciplinary approach, aiming at best possible services for end user and their families. The group has a database of over 5000 elderly in the Nicosia region, mainly its current and Rehab alumni clients. The Group was a co-founder of the NGO Gerontology Research Center ( along with the University of Nicosia.

In the context of the project, the MATERIA team will contribute to the definition and detailed evaluation of the markers of frailty and the development of instruments that would be useful in various clinical settings. MATERIA will participate in data acquisition and the assessment of older adults and evaluation of FrailSafe.

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