• Better Understand Frailty & Develop Measures to Define it

    The first two Medical Objectives (MOs) of the project are to better understand frailty and its relation to co-morbidities (MO1) and develop quantitative and qualitative measures to define frailty (MO2).

  • Early detection, prevention and management of frailty: Introducing the FrailSafe system

    Frailty is one of the most challenging age-associated conditions. Hence, it has aroused considerable research attention over the past few years.

  • FrailSafe featured in Horizon magazine

    We are glad that the Horizon magazine, the European Union’s Research and Innovation Magazine, has published the article "Frailty indicators could help prevent problems with ageing", which features our work on the FrailSafe project.

  • FrailSafe in the "Open Doors" event organized by ONPA

    The French partners of FrailSafe are working very hard to raise awareness about the project. One of the occasions was an “Open Doors” event organized by ONPA (Office Nancéien des Personnes Âgées), a local French association for older people, on 30 June and the 1 July 2016. Given the target group of the ONPA, it goes without saying that FrailSafe French partners, represented by a group of investigators from INSERM and the Geriatric Department of Nancy’s University Hospital, are closely working with the association.

  • FrailSafe meeting the EIP AHA A3 Group on frailty prevention

    On the 23th and 24th of January 2018, the FrailSafe consortium participated to the EIP AHA A3 action group meeting,

  • FrailSafe Smartvest

    FrailSafe partner Smartex has completed the development and production of the "Wearable WBAN - Wireless Body Area Network - System" (WWBS) designed to measure individuals’ medical parameters. The system is composed of a sensorised garment, an electronic device and a software tool for visualisation of streaming of data or downloading the recorded data from the electronic device to a PC (and then uploaded to a cloud service).

  • FrailSafe Webinar: Game changer in frailty prevention

    On 18 April 2018, a webinar was organized for the members of the EIP AHA A3 action group dealing with functional decline and frailty.

  • FrailSafe, viewed by the Cyprus volunteers

    FrailSafe is testing out its study among volunteers in three different sites: Nancy, Patras and Nicosia. In June, the consortium partners were gathered to discuss the state of play of the project and took the opportunity to visit one of the pilot sites. Three volunteers agreed to be interviewed and discuss their participation in the study.

  • FrailSafe's Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF)

    The main objectives of FrailSafe is to better understand frailty and be able to recognize common patterns through data collection that would explain when a person tips from the non-frail to the frail category.

  • FrailSafe's Virtual Patient Model (VPM)

    One of FrailSafe objectives is to generate reliable advanced intervention services and determine the risk of triggering events that would make a person tip from the pre-frail category to the frail one.

  • Frailty & physiotherapy and its future

    Gerti WEWERKA, MSc
    Chief Therapist, University Hospital Salzburg “Christian-Doppler-Klinik” – Geriatrics; Head of Geriatrics Network of Physio Austria (Federal Association of Physiotherapists of Austria)

  • Frailty detection from text analysis

    Within the FrailSafe project, researchers from the University of Patras have developed a frailty detection model that takes texts of older people into account.

  • French Congress on Frailty among Older People

    Our French partner, INSERM, represented FrailSafe at a Congress on frailty among older people in Paris on 5 and 6 April 2018.

  • Future plans for FrailSafe

    The FrailSafe project developed an integrated solution consisting of wearable devices, mobile phones, tablets, a cloud-based website and a mobile app, all combined together through a sophisticated data-analyzing platform.

  • Indoor Localization application

    The symptoms of frailty can be detected not only through the clinical measurements of physical or cognitive properties of an older person, but also through behavioral parameters.

  • Launch of FrailSafe: A new EU project to delay frailty among older persons by bridging health data and new technologies

    The FrailSafe project was launched on 1st January 2016 and includes partners from Greece, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and Cyprus. The aim is ambitious: delaying frailty by developing a set of measures and tools, together with recommendations to reduce its onset. To achieve these objectives, FrailSafe will combine state of the art information technologies and data mining techniques with high-level expertise in the field of health and ageing. The project is funded by the European Research programme Horizon 2020 and will last three years.

  • Looking into the future of later life

    Ingrid Eyers FHEA PhD MSc RGN
    Independent Expert: Policy and Practice in Care of Older People

  • Loss of Orientation application

    The Loss of Orientation is a potentially life-threatening and a common behavior seen among older people, specifically people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  • Reflex game developed by FrailSafe

    Cognitive skills are an important aspect to be measured when it comes to frailty.

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