EU FrailSafe was happy to participate at the Games for Health Europe Conference on 8-9 October 2018 in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) where the project representatives were able to meet European game developers and researchers involved in cutting-edge digital game development.

Our partner AGE Platform Europe took part in the session on “Silver Games” to state the importance of understanding that older people represent a very diverse group of individuals, ranging from persons in very good health condition, fully autonomous, to more dependent persons in need of support and care. Indeed, in the framework of the EU FrailSafe project, the heterogeneity of older people was taken into account in order to develop serious games. Their continuous feedback helped our partners (Brainstorm Multimedia and CERTH) to improve and update the serious games used in the EU FrailSafe integrated system.

This relates to the apprehension that not all older people are frail and that frailty levels experienced by individuals can be seen as a dynamic process. EU FrailSafe aims at better understanding this transition between one level and another and/or back. Different social and health challenges are faced at different stages and therefore game development becomes highly complex.

Find the conference retrospective here

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