As the FrailSafe project is soon coming to an end, we had the opportunity to speak with one of FrailSafe’s volunteers about her experience with the solution.

Her first impression was that her daily schedule, her routines did not really change that much by using the FrailSafe vest. However, as a person that does not consider herself friendly towards technology, she found it challenging to motivate herself to use the tablet to play games, which is another device that’s part of the FrailSafe system.

In terms of benefits, the volunteer found the system useful because it gives her or people close to her the opportunity to connect to her health data. It’s particularly beneficial for people who live on their own because FrailSafe can automatically record abnormalities in blood pressure, heart rate, arrythmias or falls and immediately alert a person close to you to.

In a nutshell, she felt like with FrailSafe she a had a doctor in her house, each and every moment, in-between her doctor’s visits; an alarm that alerts her to go see her doctor and have a check-up.

For the future, the user recommended to have vests that may be smaller or available in different colours, in order to be more stylish.

Overall, the user would absolutely recommend the system to acquaintances!

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