Not long to go until the EU FrailSafe final event in Brussels, 3 April 2019. From now on you will be able to get to know one of our partners every week and learn more about their expertise and involvement.

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Today we are allowed to introduce you to our committed and future oriented partner HYPERTECH based in Greece and its activities within the FrailSafe project. You do not want to miss that read! Check it out!

1. What is your role in the EU FrailSafe project?

HYPERTECH is the dissemination and exploitation leader of the FrailSafe project, bringing along experience in Europe-wide research and innovation projects. In this leading role, HYPERTECH is – in collaboration with the partner AGE Platform Europe - in charge of managing the awareness-raising and knowledge-sharing activities which aim to communicate the project’s results and outputs to key external stakeholders across Europe.

Furthermore, HYPERTECH is responsible for the development of a concrete business plan with innovative and market-attractive business models which can lead to commercial success of the FrailSafe project after its completion. An additional role undertaken by HYPERTECH is in deploying and managing the Intellectual Property (IP) rights among its partners.

2. From your perspective – what makes EU FrailSafe innovative?

FrailSafe aims at early detection and prevention of frailty, by offering an innovative multidisciplinary approach which focuses on gathering and evaluating every factor related or leading to frailty, e.g. a patient’s physical or psychological level, while most current methods only focus on one factor at a time.

Real-time data from the patient’s everyday life is continuously collected, while conventional methods only gather data during monthly checkups. These two factors are game changers, since the collected data is fed to the FrailSafe system, which comes up with proactive and personalized advices for every patient and finally propose targeted ways to delay the progress of frailty and eventually minimize it.

3. The project is coming to an end – what are your main contributions to the final EU FrailSafe solution?

As the project’s dissemination and exploitation leader, HYPERTECH has mainly focused on coming up with a thorough business plan which will design the roadmap for FrailSafe’s successful commercialization after the project’s completion. In this direction, HYPERTECH has been working on incorporating the FrailSafe’s innovative findings and the feedback taken from end users or organizations into competitive business models which would be attractive to all types of potential customers in the open market.

In parallel, HYPERTECH has contributed in the efficient cooperation among the project’s partners in the basis of a commonly accepted IP rights agreement, which regulates aspects of internal knowledge-ownership and secures the consortium against any future external infringement.

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