Population ageing across Europe has resulted in increased expenses for healthcare systems. In terms of costs due to fall-related injuries, heart failures, depression treatment, frequent medical screenings etc.

The FrailSafe solution can drastically reduce these costs and improve the quality of life of older people facing multiple chronic diseases. The FrailSafe System is a combination of wearable devices collecting medical data from older people’s daily lives, a data-analyzing engine and an online platform displaying collected data and analysis results in a user-friendly way.

The wearable sensors can instantly detect falls or other adverse events (e.g. heart attacks, strokes) and send emergency alerts to the person’s family members or family doctor. Additionally, this non-intrusive method of early detection of frailty levels using older people’s own real-life data can quantify frailty metrics and assess each person’s overall condition, meaning that a person will be notified when his/her frailty levels are at risk and thus receive interventions to address their levels of frailty.

In the proposed system, older people use compatible devices to collect and upload data daily to the system which are then analyzed using advanced machine learning techniques. Assigned personal doctors can continuously monitor their patients’ condition and have access to the results or alerts automatically produced by the system. In this way, frequent visits to clinics for medical screenings are reduced, while patients are being remotely monitored, continuing their daily activities in their home environment.

The long-term goal is to delay frailty progression through early detection and actionable personalized suggestions which will assist doctors in their assessment and proposed treatments. The healthcare system can save on expenses for medical and social care services due to an anticipated drastic decrease in adverse events. An indicative example is the target goal of significant reduction of fall-related injuries, which is expected to reduce hospitalization and readmission, social service and rehabilitation costs across Europe.

The basic features of the FrailSafe platform will be provided for free to older people to enable them to monitor their health. On the other hand side, doctors and medical organizations will need a monthly paid subscription to access the FrailSafe platform and be able to follow their patients remotely.

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