The FrailSafe project developed an integrated solution consisting of wearable devices, mobile phones, tablets, a cloud-based website and a mobile app, all combined together through a sophisticated data-analyzing platform. The work carried out will be made available under different editions to the users interested in monitoring their frailty levels and will assist them to age healthy as long as possible and frailty-free.

The core of the solution is the FrailSafe platform which will be available as both, a web-based website and a mobile app. The targeted users will be given access to the platform’s services through different package fees based on their needs..

The MonitorMe Edition is a package enabling older people to upload medical data of their daily activities using the compatible devices and monitor their frailty levels on the online platform after data was analysed. It provides real-time data collection, notifications and alerts, personalized suggestions for interventions and embedded communication features with medical professional or other users.

The DoctorMe Edition is targeted towards doctors and medical organizations who can use the platform to connect with the patients they wish to superviseregularly . This package will provide them with access to their patients’ medical data and enable them to make better decisions based on their frailty levels or proposed treatments. In this way, all collected and analysed data will be available to doctors, including notifications, alerts and automatically produced interventions by the system. This enables them to have direct communication with patients and real-time continuous remote monitoring of their condition.

The editions described above are immediately exploitable through the FrailSafe platform, whereas an additional ProData package has been designed for the long-term perspective, where third parties, such as insurance and pharmaceutical companies, researchers, data scientists, etc. who wish to validate their data models using past reliable data of older people, will be given access to the platform’s mass amounts of anonymized data collected in real-life conditions over the years.

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