On 18 April 2018, a webinar was organized for the members of the EIP AHA A3 action group dealing with functional decline and frailty. After exposing the technological innovation of the FrailSafe solution at one of their meetings in January 2018, the A3 members showed great interest in knowing more on the medical and clinical methodology applied for the project. A webinar was thus a great opportunity to have a discussion with the A3 members and FrailSafe project medical partners.

Three medical partners were present that day to present different aspects of the project. Dr. Yiannis Ellul, an associate professor in neurology and cerebrovascular disease at the University of Patras (Greece), explained the link between frailty, intrinsic capacity and FrailSafe. Based on that definition, Dr Ellul explained the importance of measuring the intrinsic capacity of a person in order to determine his/her frailty condition and therefore, be able to intervene as early as possible to prevent frailty among older people. This approach is adopted in the FrailSafe project, where physical, cognitive, psycho-social and behavioural parameters are measured in real time. Further information is available here.

Our second speaker, Marina Kotsani, a clinical researcher at INSERM (France), explained how the clinical partners intend to develop and test advanced technological devices for the detection of frailty and the prediction of its evolution among 400 older volunteers spread in three pilot sites (Nancy, Nicosia and Patras). The presentation is available here.

Finally, our last speaker, Elena Aristodemou, project manager at Materia Group, presented how the partners will proceed to evaluate the FrailSafe system to hopefully lead to the validation of the whole system and solution. Further information is available here.

It is possible to listen to the webinar again here.

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