Cognitive skills are an important aspect to be measured when it comes to frailty. A game has been developed to evaluate and stimulate the visual reflex and motor speed of people afflicted by the syndrome. It is inspired in the popular arcade redemption game invented in 1975 by the Japanese Kazuo Yamada and later known either as a “Mole Buster” or “Whac-A-Mole”.

It is one of the simplest games and has been designed for patients in advanced stages of frailty. Everything is a matter of reflexes in this game. The objective of the game is to collect the pine cones before they hit the ground. The more you play, the faster the cones will fall off the tree. The score depends on the number of cones pulsed by the patient.

The game includes the concept of dynamic adaptability, which allows it to fit the characteristics of the player. Therefore, there is no preset number of levels, as the programme is designed as to adapt to the player’s reflexes. The greater the skill and reflexes of the player, the greater the difficulty.

As in the other games developed by Brainstorm Multimedia, the idea is to gamify the process of recording relevant data by challenging the patient with visual and auditory stimuli. Finally, the serious games enable patients to play while generating useful information for further evaluation by clinical staff.

The FrailSafe Reflex game has been designed for the last generation of Android tablets.

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