The sixth Medical Objective of the project is to create “prevent-frailty” evidence based recommendations for older people regarding activities of daily living, lifestyle, nutrition, etc. to strengthen the motor, cognitive, and other “anti-frailty” activities through the delivery of personalised treatment programmes, games, monitoring alerts, guidance and education and estimate the influence of these interventions (MO6).

FrailSafe will estimate the influence of specific interventions (MO6) in the users' quality of life, propose metrics to analyze it and evaluate methods for future interventions. The interventions will be through:

  • An Augmented Reality (AR) serious game that will be dynamically synthesized and adapted to the specific individual. The AR serious game will implement several intervention strategies and will challenge the physical, cognitive, psychological, functional, and social domains.
  • Recommendations using advanced HCI conversational agents regarding lifestyle, daily activity, exercise, nutrition, etc.
  • Providing assistance to comply with medical recommendations
  • Adjustment of drugs or drug dosage by the physician based on the objectively measured parameters by FrailSafe

The prototype will be tested and evaluated on a collection of data from a pool of different older people individuals while special emphasis will be given in the proper treatment of privacy, gender and nationality issues.


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