Not long to go until the EU FrailSafe final event in Brussels, 3 April 2019. From now on you will be able to get to know one of our partners every week and learn more about their expertise and involvement.

Do not forget to come meet them!

Today we are allowed to introduce you to our creative and visionary Brainstorm partner based in Spain and its activities within the FrailSafe project. You do not want to miss that read! Check it out!

1. What is your role in the EU FrailSafe project?

Brainstorm’s main role in the project has been to design and implement the game framework system and also many of the games integrated in it. This game system allows users to login and play, to adjust games’ difficulty based on each virtual patient model and on the game scores, it is also capable to log sessions in the servers online, and to tune the difficulty as the users improve or decrease in their physical and cognitive abilities.

2. From your perspective – what makes EU FrailSafe innovative?

Measuring frailty is innovative in itself, using games bound to the abilities that we consider related to frailty is a very interesting method - not only because it provides objective measurements - but also because it can track the evolution of these abilities over time. This feature along with high amount of game sessions measured during the testing phase provide a very valuable resource to analyze - not only - each user status evolution, but the group as a whole source of information, and the frailty situation in general.

3. The project is coming to an end – what are your main contributions to the final EU FrailSafe solution?

Brainstorm main contribution is connected to its main role in the project, the design, implementation, and support for the clinicians to test and validate it. We consider that the Brainstorm provided games have reached a level of maturity and quality control that has allowed clinicians and final users to use them with not a single issue in months. Also based on the questionnaires answered by final users, it seems that they like the games and enjoy playing them.

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