The third Medical Objective of the project concerns the use of measures developed in order to predict the short and long-term outcome (MO3).

The quantitative and qualitative measures obtained from FrailSafe will be correlated with the conventional definitions of frailty and will be tested for their sensitivity and specificity to detect risk for transition to frailty i.e., from non-frails to pre-frails, and from pre-frails to frails (MO3). It is also envisaged that the conventional definitions of frailty will be improved and the stratification in risk groups will be expanded. It is also expected that certain measures that are not currently assessed in routine practice, and others that may not be even detected in a single visit by a health carer, can constitute prodromal signs that precede the transition from one to the other stage of frailty (MO3). These prodromal signs can be used either to identify groups of older people at an increased risk for frailty or can be used as proxy outcome measures.

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