The fourth Medical Objective of the project is to develop real life tools for the assessment of physiological reserve and external challenges (MO4).

FrailSafe will sense both physiological and behavioural parameters of the individual in an unobtrusive manner both indoors and outdoors (MO4). It will employ a combination of existing unobtrusive body-worn and ambient sensors (wherever applicable) and, novel sensing mechanisms for monitoring a multitude of physiological, behavioural and lifestyle data driven by the practicality of using such sensors with older people. Based on the assessment of physiological reserve and external challenges, i.e., state of an elder at a specific time, a specific intervention strategy will be adopted based on a pool of potential interventions carefully designed by sociologists and healthcare professionals and implemented in the context of the proposed project. Thus, commitment and compliance to the intervention will be by definition guaranteed since the user will do nothing more than typical everyday activities, while FrailSafe will take over the dynamic development of a serious game based on the real world interactions of the user..

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